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Good Lord, It’s Morning

I have punched the “snooze” button on my alarm five times! Lord, I am not “with it” this morning. I know that I have a need for your steadfast love! I realize that I am in a slump, but I don’t understand what is going on. I don’t even like myself at this moment.

When I get to work, I put a “frowny face” on my desk, “I’m in a bad mood right now, come some other time.”


I subconsciously wander about. I now know what Solomon’s bride-to-be felt like after she had proudly expressed her preference for her own pleasure, without considering its impact on her groom. I am “hopelessly lovesick” (God’s Word Translation). I have a low tolerance level, because I am seeing life through the grid of my preferences, rather than the union of my pleasures with those of my lover. All things are to be enjoyed. (1 Timothy 6:17) My heart has moved into a stance of becoming either negative or positive; up or down; in or out, etc., instead of having the eyes of an understanding heart.


My boss even caught on this morning, and said to a fellow employee, “Here, please do that job for him this time. He isn’t ‘getting it’. He does exactly what I say, no more and no less!

It made me mad!


I slowly began to realize that I had allowed myself to become like an Ostrich, which, unfortunately has been deprived of “Understanding”. (Job 39:13-17) The Ostrich doesn’t really know what is going on! Her heart is speaking, but her head isn’t up to speed with her heart.


I finally begin to realize that once a heart is affected by the “Song of Loves” (Psalm 45:10-11) it is forever changed. The heart has a new DNA, so to speak. It will no longer function in the same way. There are vast areas of my heart that need to be programmed to the new model.


Thus it is that Solomon urges us to seek after understanding, and wisely desire that understanding as a treasure. We must not allow ourselves to get away from the basics of mercy and truth! We are to bind them around our necks and write them on the tables of our heart. It is then that we will find favor and good understanding, both in the sight of God and man. We are not to lean to our own natural understanding, particularly if authentic love has invaded our domain. God’s understanding, demonstrated in Calvary’s cross needs to be our own model. (John 15:11-12)


Peter, the apostle, repeatedly tried to earn the right to love with a free heart. But, he kept on encountering God’s support of his calling. On one occasion he actually told him to leave after a miracle, because he felt that he wasn’t good enough for that kind of love. Luke 5:8.

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